Cie Sterenn

After finishing his fine art studies, Jean Lucas was one of the founding members of "l’Institut Cie.", a troupe whose creations were staged hundreds of times in France as well as internationally, and who were the recipients of many awards.

The troupe worked closely with Raymond Devos ( a famous french comedian ) who wrote with great enthusiasm: "they are performers, they have dexterity, they have ideas and an astonishing daring. It’s utterly astounding. Phenomenal!" (Le Matin)

Jean Lucas was already playing the role of Wilson, about whom the press said that “what makes the whole thing irresistible is that among them there is a clown, a genuine one, who gets everything wrong, who’s always in the wrong place, and who keeps the audience in stitches.” (Le Quotidien de Paris).

From 2001 onwards, he decided to dedicate himself to creating a solo act with his character, and founded Compagnie Sterenn in Nantes, strongly focused on clowning. The outcome, the "Monsieur Wilson" solo act, made its appearance in 2002.

"Monsieur Wilson" has appeared as an opening act for Buffo (Howard Buten’s clown character) at the Ranelagh theatre in Paris, and in most of the street festivals in France, as well as internationally, in The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Germany, and in 2009 in Australia, at the Adelaide festival of Arts.

The end of 2010 saw the start of a new venture, a duo with Anthony GORIUS and Jean LUCAS, "Little Big Men", a conjunction of clowning and puppeteering, which knows a big success since 2012.